EleNix - The GNU/Linux for Electronics


EleNix, What is it?

EleNix is being planned to be a GNU/Linux (more commonly known just as "linux") built for the primary purpose of being used for designing, testing, and working with electronic circuits.

It is also envisaged that this distribution will be taken as a second phase to include the ability to manage and control CNC ( Computer Numerical Control) equipment.

Want to help???

At this stage the largest task we have is to develop the base operating system which is being based on another great linux distro called LinuxFromScratch. The other two large tasks at the moment are the generation of a suitable package management strategy and the identification of which software will be available in the beginning. If you wish to provide comments or suggestions on any of this then please feel free to contribute through the forum located here or submit a feature request here.

Kind Regards,
Brian Cheeseman.
Project Lead

Please be patient with us as we are only in the early stages of the designing phase, however to allow us to update you as we make progress, then please join our elenix-updates mailing list here.

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